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05 2012

Really Enjoyed Staying Sapporo

Sapporo 2012_2 1

The purpose of the trip was for business, but it turned out to be a refreshing break because of some reasons. First, I got an old and tried travel companion who flew out and home and stayed with me. Second, we had some spare time during the day. Third, we didn’t have an evening social event, including a drinking session. So, we could enjoy our free time as if we were on a sightseeing trip.

When we met at Haneda airport, we felt liberated from daily life. The encounter with the sumo wrestlers who make their way to the summer sumo exhibition event in Hokkaido made me excited.

Sapporo 2012_2 2 Sapporo 2012_2 3

Stepping out of the Shin-chitose airport building, we felt alive again with refreshing coolness of the northern island. Then, we headed to a hotel hear Nakajima Park known for its abundance of verdure and water. The park was in downtown, only a 10 minute walk from an amusement area of Susukino. The location of the hotel also added to the pleasures on the trip.

Sapporo 2012_2 4

I’ll introduce places we visited in subsequent post, so please look at what we ate during the trip here. These show what an ordinary tourist expects for Hokkaido. :D

Sapporo 2012_2 6

Sapporo 2012_2 7 Sapporo 2012_2 8
A Japanese restaurant, “Kushiro”

Sapporo 2012_2 9
Jingisukan barbecue is a Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared on a convex metal skillet, which is common in the island that has been prosperous in dairy husbandry.

Sapporo 2012_2 10
Curry Soup with Chicken
Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and in Hokkaido, this style Curry with a high water is popular these days.

Sapporo 2012_2 11
Hokkaido is famous for delicious ramen.

Sapporo 2012_2 14

Sapporo 2012_2 15
A beer garden in Odori Park

Other than those, we ate the local dishes in Hokkaido, but there is still a long list of diseases that we couldn’t have.

Sapporo 2012_2 16

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