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28 2012

Woody Allen Film Festival at Home

Woody Allen festival 1

As a matter of fact, during the next 10 days after I wrote about Woody Allen on the10th of this month, I saw 6 films written and directed by Allen I hadn’t seen. Because it should be taken into account that I saw them on line (I mean I didn’t spend much time and money for watching them), I found some amusement in all.

Here are my personal sentiments:

2005 Match Point マッチポイント ($27,999,200) production cost/製作費
Its theme of guilt and punishment is also featured in his Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989). I think the advantages of it over the previous one are, firstly, the man who is having an extramarital affair and his mistress are young and attractive, and secondly, we can enjoy beautiful sceneries of London and a country side. :D

2006 Scoop タロットカード殺人事件 ($12,727,300)
It’s a murder-related romantic comedy, which would be just like his film in a sense. However, it should be more refreshingly unrestrained and bouncingly humorous, and it could be like that if the times and performers were different.

2007 Cassandra's Dream ウディ・アレンの夢と犯罪 ($1,073,300)
Opinions will be divided on this matter, but I like the film and think it’s an enthusiastic work in which Allen tried to depict English working-class men, instead of an American in Europe (some people say they don’t talk like a guy in that class, though). He is fortunate to have an opportunity to shoot a film as he likes.

2008 Vicky Cristina Barcelona それでも恋するバルセロナ ($25,609,500)
Well, basically, it’s about romantic cross-cultural experiences of two American women in Spain, so let’s sit back and enjoy the beauty of its locations and stars. In the scenes of Catalunya , Penélope Cruz is amazingly gorgeous. How old is she?

2009 Whatever Works 人生万歳! ($5,633,400)
I heard Allen wanted to shoot it in 1970s, and it should have done. After a interval, it was set in “his town”, New York, so I had mounted my expectations too much on it. The same occurrence, in which an actor (Larry David in this case) looks increasingly like Allen as the drama unfolded, is repeated.

2010 You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger 恋のロンドン狂騒曲 ($3,222,800)
I liked this one with perfect ironic happy ending the best of all 6! Though there is no villain, selfish people that Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, and Josh Brolin play pursue egoistic interests and …. As you sow, so you shall reap.

I tried to watch the most recent one, To Rome with Love (2012), but since only an Italian-dubbed one was available, I gave up halfway. So, I have to wait its English one. Anyway, it consists of 4 separate stories, and scenes form them are interweaved. To tell the truth, I felt the stories aren’t well-organized as one movie. However, I was interested in 2 of them: the one featuring Roberto Benigni (!!), and the other featuring Woody Allen. Personally, I want to watch only those. ;D
勢い余って(笑)、最新作の“To Rome with Love (2012)”も観ようとしたのですが、イタリア語吹替え版しかなかったため、途中で挫折しました。英語版を待たなければ。この映画は4つの独立した話から成っていて、各話の場面が次々展開されます。正直に言えば、映画としてまとまりがないかな、と感じました。それでも、そのうち2つの話は面白そうです。ロベルト・ベニーニ(!!)が登場する話と、ウディ・アレン自身が登場する話。個人的にはこの2つだけ観られればいいかな、と思います。

Woody Allen festival 2

Former title of the film was The Bop Decameron, but (maybe) considering box office impact, it was changed into the one that might mislead people. I’m sure one who expects Rome version of “Midnight in Paris” would feel disappointed with it though, at least, the audience can enjoy beautiful streets in Rome.
元々のタイトルは“The Bop Decameron”だったらしいのですが、集客面を考慮してだと思いますがタイトルが変更されたそうです。いかにも誤解を与えるタイトルです。ローマ版”ミッドナイト・イン・パリ“を期待した観客が落胆する姿が目に浮かびます。少なくともローマの美しい景観は楽しめますが。

For something completely different, the rainy season ended, and hot weather continues for the 5th consecutive day in Tokyo. During that weather, I sometimes find the unusual twilight sky like in the picture blow.

Woody Allen festival 3

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