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24 2012

Low Tea in Shibuya

afternoon tea in Shibuya 1

This time, it’s a hotel lounge in Shibuya.
Though Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel founded about 10 years ago might pale a little by comparison with historic Japanese and foreign-affiliated fancy hotels in Tokyo, the new face is the most luxury hotel in Shibuya area, which is the only place where we can have traditional afternoon tea.

afternoon tea in Shibuya 2

Last Sunday, I had a chat with friends from my school days for couple of hours over Full Tea at Zabou lounge on the lobby floor of it. Well, highborn ladies and gentlemen in the British Empire may be surprised by people in the Edge of the World who are enjoying their proud tradition. However, in the first place, we have a longer history of tea culture than that in Britain. Naturally, we have grounding in enjoying this foreign one that is far more casual as compared to the prestigious Japanese one. Now, major fancy hotels serve Full Tea with tea (including English, Chinese, Japanese, and herb tea), savories, scones, sweets, and dessert, and many customers, mainly women, spend relaxing hours with a tea cup in hand.

Going back to the hotel, the service was good, and the interior decorating was not bad. But, I think it should replace scratched sofas as soon as possible because dilapidated furniture abases itself.

After leaving the hotel, we went to the Hikarie, a building with a shopping mall, restaurants, art galleries, and a theater in Shibuya, opened in last April. From that time on, we kept away from it because it was full of people. It was still crowded, but there are some concerns about the retail shops since there are too many similar household good shops. I doubt if they can survive for several more years….

afternoon tea in Shibuya 3

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