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21 2012

Day of the Ox in Midsummer

Day of the Ox 1

It’s not a mall or hotel lounge but a hospital near my house. I went there last Tuesday to meet my cousin who visits the hospital once every three months. We sometimes meet and catch up on each other's lives on this occasion.

Usually, we have lunch at a restaurant nearby the hospital, but we dined at a hospital restaurant that day because I didn’t have time. Now it's not uncommon that famous restaurants have opened their branches in renovated hospitals in Tokyo, so I was expecting one of those, but unfortunately, it was an ordinary staff canteen.

Anyway, I had the broiled eels on rice.
Tokyo was in the midsummer heat until the first half of this week, and that day was another hot day. Until the day before, I had got tired and had a low appetite because of the heat. However, broiled eels stimulate our appetite even under such circumstances.

Day of the Ox 2

There is an old saying that when you eat eel containing B1, which supports the nervous system and muscles, on "Doyo no Ushi" Day (18 days before the first day of autumn, on the day of the Ox, from the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac), then you won't suffer from the summer heat. We are very fond of broiled eels, which are luxury food item in Japan, at all times, but especially, during this time of year, it’s a special meal for Japanese people. That’s why even the staff canteen serves the dish that is about double the price of other set lunch meals.

This year’s Doyo no Ushi Day is July 27th.

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