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11 2012

Sense of Nostalgia and Sigh

elementary school 1

I regularly visit to an elementary school in downtown Tokyo on business recently.

If you have an elementary school child, the pictures are common sights. For childless Kinakiw, however, these fill me with nostalgia. I went to a nearby public school, just like this one. Though times are different now, many things basically don’t change: a small school yard with a 100-meter oval track, collecting milk-bottle covers, hanging bags containing gym clothes bag on the wall of the hallway, and so on.

elementary school 3 elementary school 2

A major change, maybe, is a decline in student numbers due to falling birthrate. That’s a national trend but especially prominent in the urban central area. When I was the student, there were 2 classes of 33to 35 children in each grade. Now, this school has one of less than 20. The situation of my old school is worse. There are less than 10 new students for several years. I’m afraid it would be forced to close and united into one with others.

The old school now actively accepts foreign children to attract Japanese parents inside and outside the school district. Well, many parents want to send their children to an international school, but for many of them, it’s difficult in terms of money and other conditions. So if the things work out, it would become a distinguishing one that would be chosen by those parents.

However, it’s just a battleground for other schools in the area and won’t lead to a comprehensive solution to the problem. Ho-hum. Sooner or later, the school full of my memories would be destined to vanish.

elementary school 4

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