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30 2012

Heartbreaking Rainy Season

Heartbreaking rainy season1

While Paris seems not to change greatly (just at first sight, of course), Tokyo is a changing at all times. In this rainy season, there is heartbreaking event that symbolizes the ever-changing town.

The hydrangea planted in the side of street tree in the opening picture is used on my blog 2 years ago (the previous post). I have the fun of watching it on my way to and from a subway station at this time of year. It blooms again, but this year, it’s in the middle of drastic change.

I suppose an owner of a wooden house stood there until few months ago planted and took care of the beautiful hydrangeas. Now the house, its owner, and other hydrangeas disappeared, and the only one tree id left behind. An 11-story building is going to be constructed on the site.

Heartbreaking rainy season2

I wonder what happened to the other hydrangeas.
I wish the owner had taken them to a new home.

The photo in the previous post

Anyway, I read the previous post and realized I lightheartedly wrote a haiku on the blog….

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