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26 2012

Just Managed to Catch It

Midnight in Paris 1

It was good weather for a walk in Tokyo today: shiny and not too hot because of dryness of the air. I decided to alter my schedules and went to see the movie, Midnight in Paris written and directed by Woody Allen, in Roppongi Hills.

Midnight in Paris 2

The film has been much talked about and, I think, some of you have already seen it, so I don’t tell the story here.

Allen is my most revered director, yet I didn’t went soon though it was released last month. (I’m thinking to write about why in the next post.) Anyway, though I felt somehow uncomfortable about its well-written script and some lines, I could enjoy it over all.

Paris is a place where fond memories since I stayed there for half a year in my 20s. My motive for staying there wasn’t much different from that of the central character.
Paris is such a place where one relives each “the Belle Epoque (good days)”.

Some people feel “I want to die in Paris (it was a sales copy for a department sore in Japan)” because the town basically haven’t changed for these centuries. Aside from reliving Epopue with your secret idols, whenever you get there, you can feel your youth, old memories, someone, and something wake to life within you.

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