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26 2012

La Vie en Rose

Akao Herb and Rose Garden1

Third time pays for all.
Eventually, I could get there in perfect time for enjoying roses on my third visit! Before this visit, I went there in April and the end of Jun.

Akao Herb and Rose Garden2
When you go to Atami, why don’t you stop by the garden for just looking at this view?

This is Akao Herb and Rose Garden (the previous post) that is one of my favorite places in Atami.

The garden is on a slope of a mountain about 2 km south of downtown Atami, and the whole site covers an area of 700,000㎡(173 acres). Visitors catch a shuttle bus to the top of the site and then walk down the slope while enjoying twelve different gardens.

The roses in the garden will be in full bloom after this weekend, so, more precisely, the visit (last Tuesday) was little early for rose viewing. However, people say that bursting buds have a strongest scent, and thus it’s just the right time to go there when there are still the buds left.

Akao Herb and Rose Garden3

Akao Herb and Rose Garden4 Akao Herb and Rose Garden5

Akao Herb and Rose Garden6

Indeed, the roses scented the air. Walking through the garden with the richly-perfumed roses, I had a luxurious moment and felt comforted.

A popular flower, a rose, was of no great interest to me in my early days, but it has grown on me.

Since I decided the title of the post, La Vie en Rose, I was in the mood of the song. So, I heard it sung by various singers including Édith Piaf who was the original one, Louis Armstrong, Marlene Dietrich, Yves Montand, and so on.
今回のタイトルを“La Vie en Rose”にしたので、この歌を聴きたくなりました。ご本家エディット・ピアフ、外せないルイ・アームストロング、マレーネ・ディートリッヒ、イヴ・モンタンなど等、いろいろな歌手のものを聴いてみました。

I found the best one, sung by Cyndi Lauper, that fit my current mood.
It’s awesome. She enjoys the use of her senses. If you have time, just listen!
今の私の気分に最も合っていたのは、シンディ・ローパーのLa Vie en Roseでした。

La Vie En Rose - Cyndi Lauper

Akao Herb and Rose Garden7
A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.

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