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13 2012

Trial Period


I’d like to introduce the cat, Devi (provisional name, 1 year old, male), that is a candidate for our new member of the family.

He’s been staying with us as a trial since yesterday. To be honest, the point isn’t whether he can familiarize oneself with us or not, but whether our house cat, Chihuahua (7 years old, female), can handle living with him or not.

I have always thought to adopt a new cat since a cat we kept with Chihuahua died at age 4, few years ago, by the cancer disease, but I didn’t feel something click inside me if I saw cats and kitties that need home. However, he attracts attention of me because he is the spitting image of the deceased cat, Baron.

The front one is the deceased cat, and the back one is Chihuahua.

They look exactly like each other, but Devi is different in character from timid and quiet Baron. The new face is active like a kitty and all self-assertive.

So far, we completely separate their habitation spaces in our house and haven’t brought one into contact with the other because of a bit of a problem Devi has. I’ll tell you what the problems is and how we take action later on the blog.

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