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10 2012

The End of the Azalea Season


Azalea, Tutuji in Japanese, is popular in Japan and planted in gardens and alongside the street. It usually reaches full bloom from late April to early May in Tokyo. After cherry blossoms, the next amusement for flower-loving Tokyoties is the plant.

Among many beautiful Azaleas I see every year, I concern about the abandoned one in the picture the most. The nearby building had been used for a corporate dormitory for a long time until it was sold 7 or 8 years ago. Its fence and garden was playground for the children of the neighborhood, and I used to run on and jump down from the fence. At that time, there were many azaleas, and we used to pick the flowers and consumed nectar from them.

Although nobody takes care of the only surviving one, it blooms cheerfully at this time of year.

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