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10 2010

Have you placed fire-alarm boxes?

The Tokyo metropolitan government has already introduced fire prevention ordinance requiring all houses to place fire alarm boxes in each room by April 1, 2010. I actually knew the law, but I'd forgotten about that. At last, a fire department official came to my home the other day to check if I’ve already had them.

To be liable for compliance with the regulations (I’m reluctant to accept it at heart), I purchased fire alarm boxes and placed them this afternoon. There is nothing wrong with preparing for accidents. Tokyo Fire Department reported last month that the cases of fire and causalities have been decreasing with increasing the penetration rate of the at-home alarm boxes.

Just let me tell … when I went to a home improvement store, there were only two companies’ products. It could be just by chance, but the political-business collusion flashed through my mind. It costs 3~4000 yen ($30~40). According to the newest national census, there are 5,879,636 households in Tokyo. If each of them has 2 rooms at a moderate estimate, it would be Real Money!

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