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24 2012

Account of World Team Trophy


Team Japan skated off with the gold as competition concluded at the second ISU World Team Trophy (WTT). Along with the first and second day for which I purchased tickets in advance, I attended the third day after all and indulged in the gorgeous competition with top-class skaters who stood on a par with Grand Prix Final and World.


While highlight of the first day was men’s SP, especially Joubert, Abbott, and Daisuke, those of the second day were Davis/White’s FD and Daisuke’s FS. They were just I was looking for! I laughed off my pain and gave them a standing ovation. It’s secrets that I wasn’t supposed to be there on the third day.

I was watching these skaters from my seat while they were writing a letter on their the abdomen for the kiss & cry show.

The competition had been really exciting not only because of excellent performances but also cheering groups of skaters (France, Italy, and the USA) and the enthusiastic Japanese audience. France and Italy teams’ elaborate acts at kiss & cry excited us. Thank you!

Now for some generalities of figure skating event.
Firstly, visitors have a lot of stuff: some carry a winter clothe, rug, and cushion, and the others also bring a flower bouquet and present for a skater one likes. My luggage is usually as big as one for an overnight trip.
Secondly, most visitors are female. Eventually, there is a long, long line for the toilet at intermission. Hundreds of people are waiting. So, I try to cut down my use of the toilet. Even if I feel elated by an event, I restrain myself from drinking. Not only beer, but also I refrain from cold drinks, coffee, and something that have a diuretic effect. I’m sipping hot herbal tea I’ve brought quietly during intermission.

The 2011-2012 season has ended with WTT. I was happy to watch excellent performances, and I’ll spent next 6 months in expectation of the next season.

One final message for Mr. Scott Moire – if you don’t want to participate in WTT, just don’t. I prefer Weaver/ Poje.

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