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05 2012

The Fun Continued

Though World Figure Skating Championships ended, there is an event I've been waiting for: ISU World Team Trophy 2012 (19 - 22 Apr, in Tokyo, Japan) that is a figure skating team competition by selected skaters from the six countries with the best results during the season. This year’s participating countries are (in descending order of finish) Japan, Canada, Russia, USA, Italy, and France. It’s a friendly match rather than a serious one where skaters enjoy each other's company and cheer for own teammates - it’s included among Olympic events in Sochi, though.

I got the tickets for 2 days with the aim of men's singles and ice dancing though the participants were unsure. As for men’s singles, I want to watch Daisuke Takahashi, Brian Joubert, and Jeremy Abbott.

And more than anything, I'm looking forward to, an American ice dance team, Meryl Davis & Charlie White, that was the world champion of ice dancing in 2011 and got silver medal in the last World. The couple is undoubtedly the best in the world and my motive to watch ice dancing!

Figure skating fantastically penetrates to the inner heart of audience when well-cultivated skills through years of strenuous efforts and fine expressivities meet. That’s why I’ve kept watching it no matter how many times I had been disappointed in inexplicable scores.

This couple is one of such skaters who can move people's hearts.

Their masterpiece, Die Fledermaus (The Bat) by Johann Strauss II in World 2012

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Even though I've seen it again and again I still become moved to excitement.

While the member of USA team hasn’t been announced yet. I do yearn for their participation in the event.

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