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06 2012

Wrist Fracture

Wrist Fracture

When landed on my left wrist to the ground, I already knew I would fracture.
I was in a nearby prefecture (well and truly sober) when I fell down this afternoon. My wrist immediately swelled and hurt badly. So, in a moment, I visited a local orthopedic clinic where an X-ray examination found my left wrist was broken. I ask an old doctor first aid, and he reduced it, applied a cast and said it’ll be immobilized in a cast for 3 months. What a disaster!

Then, I also visited my orthopedic surgeon on the way home. My doctor x-rayed (the old doc reduced it very well. thanks!), conditioned the cast and decided on courses of treatment. In his opinion, he’ll change the cast into one that’s half the length of the present one next week. If everything goes well, I’ll get away from a cast after 5 weeks and then receive rehabilitation. It was better than the first doctor’s opinion.

This was the start of my inconvenient new life. It hurts. Lovely.

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