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29 2012

Touring Inatori 1/2

Inatori 1

We, party of three, strolled through Inatori, one of major cities in East Izu, on the way home. Despite a four-hour stay, we visited several spots and enjoyed the attractive seaside town.

The opening picture shows dolls and hanging decorations for Hinamatusri (the Doll or Girls Festival on March 3). In Japan, many people who have a daughter set up dolls for the festival, but the hanging dolls decoration that’s handed down from Edo times (1603 –1868) is a unique tradition of the area. The festival dolls were expensive in the old times, so people in Inatori made ornaments from waste pieces from cutting cloth and hung them to wish for the healthy growth of the child (the festival was originally for both boys and girls).

The hanging dolls decoration is one of specialty products of the town now, and the various handmade dolls are sold at shops and stands. From late January to end of March, an event called the hanging dolls festival has been held. You can see antique dolls and the decorations at exhibition sites.

Inatori 2 Inatori 3
Mukai-an, one of the festival sites in downtown Inatori

Inatori 4
Hina dolls from the Edo era

Inatori 5 Inatori 6

Inatori 7
A motif of Haiko (acrawling baby) reflects parents' wishes for their children's growth.

To be continued later….

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