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20 2012

Overwhelming Cuteness


I was thinking to write about something, but I changed my mind.
I’d like to write about how I met my cat named Chihuahua (we call her "chi-chi") because when I organize photos yesterday, I found the pictures of herself (it’s female) as a kitten that are absolute lovely.

I met chi-chi in front of a bakery nearby seven years ago. The little kitten was crossing the street alone, and then an older lady who passed along gathered her up in arms maybe because she couldn’t stand by and watch any longer. She was weigh less than 200g (I could put her on my palms) and couldn’t see and small anything because of a cold. Despite the lady rescued chi-chi instantaneously, she seemed to have no idea what to do.

I come by just in time and watched that scene. The small and skinny homeless cat looked like a Chihuahua puppy viewed from the back. I spoke to the sweet lady, received the poor cat and told her that I would take it to the veterinarian. She was so relieved and glad that she almost appeared to hand over money.

I hadn't decided whether I would keep the kitten yet. I could adopt it since we have vacancies for one more cat. While the enrollment limit was 2, we had one cat at that time (we lost one four years earlier). On the other hand, I thought I could find it a new home because I knew chi-chi was super cute.

Then, while I took the kitten to an animal hospital in every two or three days, I started to feel affection for it. Well, that's the way my cat joined the family.

chi-chi2 chi-chi3 chi-chi4

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