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14 2012

Chocolate Makes a Round of the World

Valentine's Day

In Japan, Saint Valentine's Day one of major annual events, though that may surprise you. However, different from many other countries, it’s a day on which women give chocolate to men as a token of affection. Some people express one's love on that occasion. (Originally, a confection manufacturer created this custom to increase sales.)

Not just women bring their boyfriend or husband chocolate, but giving lots of chocolates for presents in the office at this time of year. Many women give it to give it to their co-workers and superiors, and we call that “giri-choco (obligation chocolate)”. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that we are unwilling to do this. Japanese like to present something to show gratitude for their favors. Anyway, many men get boxes of giri-choco.

I also get giri-choco every year because someone who receives would pass it to me. It’s my secret amusement.

Usually, giri-choco isn’t fancy, but for once, I can pick up brand-name chocolate. I suspect it’s an expression of someone’s true feeling, but I accept it gratefully without worrying about if the one was successful confessed one’s love or not.

I’m looking forward to what kind of chocolate I will get this year!

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