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10 2012

My Mind is in Colorado

Colorado Springs

I’m going to keep hours on Mountain Time Zone this weekend because the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships are now held in Colorado Springs!

Though I watched major figure skating competitions every year, I may be overzealous in pursing them this year…. Since I created the streaming environment (the new PC and optic LAN), I can watch most of them live. Addition to it, our J-Sports (CS sport channel) also has plenty of live broadcasts.

However, I was definitely right about staying home and watching that.

The men’s short program took place this afternoon, and I was so imprested with performances by Tatsuki Machida and Takahito Mura! The both did their best. Machida who eclipsed his personal best score was placed 4th behind Takahashi. He got the highest GOE for this 3A, wow! Mura performed beautiful a quad-triple combination jumps. He was the only one who did a quad jump clean and was placed 2nd behind Chan.

We have excellent top male single skaters in Japan, so the boys don’t have many opportunities to participate in a major international competition. It’s really important for them to have a strong appeal to the world! I hope they will show their ability to the fullest tomorrow.

Oh well, after this competition, I think my blog would return to something close to normal. :D

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