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04 2012

Kinakinw on Ice 2012


I raise a topic of figure skating again, but this time, a person on the ice isn’t a famous skater. It’s me!

This morning, I joined a figure skating class held at an outdoor ice rink in Tokyo Midtown. I thought about joining a total of 3 or 4 lessons at White Sacas Alphard rink in Akasaka (I wrote about that one in the previous post, City Rink), but I wasn’t sure if I could participate in all, so I chose this an hour-long, one day program for beginners to intermediate skaters.

It’s for a limited time (2012/1/7~2/29) sponsored by Diners Club.

The most participants were kids, but some parents also joined with their children. I'm glad to find adult fellows.

SkateSchool3 SkateSchool4
Left: We went through a warm-up before skating. Right: Our adult group
左:まずは準備運動 右:本日のクラスメート

Instructors were a coach and players of an ice hockey team, Ice Bucks. It’s an Asia League Ice Hockey team based in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, which is the only one professional team in Japan.

SkateSchool5 SkateSchool6
Thank you for the lesson!

I didn’t know about instructors until I got there (I thought figure skating coaches would teach), but it was Ok because the basic skating skills for beginners are similar in both figure and hockey skating. Even so, I noticed the difference: the instructors had an emphasis on staying low and keeping knees bent. They also didn’t mention much about how to use edges. While it’s always desirable to skate on only one edge of the blade in figure skating, it’s not in hockey skating. When they taught how to turn (the opening photo shows that), they showed us powerful turns and said, “Push the ice, like kicking, with the back part of outside leg’s blade”. I couldn’t follow it, so I translated it, by myself, into how I have to use an edge and tried.

I voluntarily practiced for a while after the lesson.


It’s really fan to skate feeling the wind.
Why don’t you go to an ice skate rink near you?


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