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28 2012

Shriek of Joy

US National

This weekend is the busiest time of year for an adoring fan of figure skating because the U.S. Championships (California, San Jose) and the European Championships (U.K., Sheffield) are going on at the same time.

In Japan, we can watch singles SP and FP of both competitions live on CS station, J Sports, and also, we can watch whole European one live by free streaming TV. Some people who has Ice Network’s season pass (paid streaming) can watch whole U.S. one live.

One can’t find time to sleep if one wants to see all. I gave up watching live ice dance and pairs of the both competitions, but still, it was pretty impossible physically to watch live performances of the rest. Then I abandoned Euro women’s. I watched U.S. men’s SP this afternoon from 12:00 to 15:30, and here are the live broadcasting schedules of Jsports. (It’s about 19:00 now)
20:50-2:00 (next day) Euro men’s FP
2:25-7:00 Euro women’s FP
(from 5:00, US free dance will start on the streaming TV.)
8:55-13:00 U.S. women’s FP
(from 13:30, U.S. pairs’ FP will on the streaming TV.)
See, it’s hard-scheduled, isn’t it?


Since senior competitions of Euro started last Thursday evening before the other, I’ve indulged in the competitions. For the both, it’s fun to enjoy performances of skaters who don’t participate in major international games as well as big names. Specifically, U.S. National is a serious match for all American skaters because it’s the only one qualifying race for the World Championships. Skaters from these preliminaries and seeded top skaters measure swords with each other: it’s one-shot deal.

As for European one, I focus on men’s single including Brian Joubert (a French skater) and Evgeni Plushenko (a Russian skater).

Well, a figure skating Otaku (fan) has a passion for watching not only own country’s skaters but also foreign ones.


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