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21 2012

Очи чёрные, Dark Eyes

Almost all major ice skating competitions include exhibitions (sometimes called gala) at the end in which the top-placing skaters perform non-competitive programs for the audience. Fans are looking forward to it as a competition per se.

Unlike programs in competitions, there isn’t time restriction and constraint on what elements one executes and how to show up (I think there is the bounds of common sense). A skater can use music with vocal and properties. These provide skaters with a wider range of expression. However, it depends on a skater or a pair how much focusing on the programs. While some exhibit one’s showmanship at an exhibition, the others don’t.

Exhibitions programs of Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov from Russia are always interesting to watch. The programs are quite close to perfection, and the pair performs in earnest.

They show us impressive “Очи чёрные (Dark Eyes)” in this season.
The lyrics of the famous Russian song were firstly written by the Ukrainian poet and published in 1843. The poet describes a tortured man who loses oneself in love with a Romany woman. Then, in 1884, it was published as a song. The song became famous in the 20th century by Feodor Chaliapin, an exiled Russian opera singer (bass), who amended the lyrics and sang it on stage in all over the world.

dark eyes
If a man meet the girl like her …. (The photo by Herb Ritts from Gitans’ ad)
もしこんな女性と出会ってしまったら・・・。(Herb Ritts撮影のジタンの広告写真)

Church bell rings at the start of the program, and we come to know the scene is Moscow. The pair sets off in silent and then performs a throw jump – audience’s tensions are rising. As Yuko lands, the vocal, Ochi chornyye♪, in a low impressive voice starts. It’s so cool that the tensions may turn into expectations for their performance. She performs very well as an exotic Romany. They offer a variety of highlights throughout the program including excellent lifts and spins including one (about 3:43 in the video) in which Smirnov looks like he places Yuko on his left palm. He who’s infatuated with Yuko unbuttons his shirt and lays his breast bare in the middle part of it (about 3:17), and he charges ahead for the last half.

Yuko is attractive not far behind from the woman in the photo. Would you like to be intrigued by her?

It’s the best-recommended exhibition number in this season!

Yuko once teamed up with a Russian male skater to compete for Japan and got a first medal for Japanese pair team at the World Junior Championships in 2001, but after all, she obtained Russian citizenship in 2009 to make the Russian Olympic squad. We have many talented single skaters but don’t have males for pairs. Well, I think we have to prevent the loss of skater like this.

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