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18 2012

The Kiss

The Kiss 1

Needless to say, this is the best-known work by Gustav Klimt (1862 – 1918), a leading Austrian artist who was a co-founder of the Vienna Secession, an Art Nouveau movement. His works in the sensual theme that give us the impression of mellow and voluptuous grace are popular in Japan. For many Japanese, including me, Vienna in the end of 20th century is synonymous with Klimt.

The Kiss 2
“The Kiss (接吻)”(1907/08)

The huge picture in the opening photo is build up with tens of thousands of kiss-themed photos posted by the public, which is called Kiss Photo Art Project 2011. That’s a part of a promotion for Austrian Airlines in Japan. In 2012, the original of the mosaic will be donated to Vienna marking the 150th anniversary of the artist’s birth.
冒頭の写真の大きなポスターは、何万というキスをテーマにした一般投稿の写真で構成されています。このアートイベントは、Kiss Photo Art Project 2011と題されたオーストリア航空のキャンペーンの一環として行われたそうです。今年はクリムト生誕150周年ということで、オリジナルのモザイク作品はウィーン市に寄贈されるとのことです。

The Kiss 3

It was fun looking at each photo.

It’s displayed in ARK Hills that I stopped by on the way home yesterday. It’s a commercial complex, situated between Akasaka and Roppongi. This is just an aside. I usually hate the land developer of so-and-so Hills and show animosity towards it, but I'm grateful that it made Suntory Hall, a premier concert hall for classical music, in ARK Hills that’s only a station away from my house.

The Kiss 4 The Kiss 5

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