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06 2012

Atagawa, Hassaku Grows in Abundance


Hassaku (academic name = Citrus hassaku) is a relative of the orange family of Japanese origin. It’s my favorite citrus.

The region around Atagawa has a very warm climate with a large variety of citrus plantations at the foot of the mountain. Now, Hassaku orange is ripe for the picking.

The trees in the opening photo bear ones in the garden of a craft studio that offers visitors a chance to make gel candles (or jelly candles). The studio named Sakura-zaka (literally means a hill with cherry trees) is ran by a ceramics artist who has several similar studios around the country. Looking at its stately gate, I guess the facility was someone’s big house with expansive grounds. The HP says the mail building, a mansion, was moved to the place from Niigata Prefecture.


sakurazaka3 sakurazaka4
The studio also has a Japanese style café.

We made gel candles.
It was very simple. After choosing a container and embedded objects for it, firstly, you make base in the bottom of the container with color sands and beads. Then, place the objects (glass sculptures) on the base and give the container to the staff. The staff pours gel and cools it.

sakurazaka5 sakurazaka6

sakurazaka7 sakurazaka8

The problem was that the materials are not my taste. They were too cute (I mean, childish). It always happens when I try to make something at this kind of facilities in a resort destination. However, I don't mind it. I like creating something within the constraints. This time, I chose a jade green sculpted-glass dragon and three marbles in the picture below. That was not because I wanted to make it in the motif of this year's sign but because they were the only objects that were not cute.


It’s not the greatest but good memories of the trip.

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