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21 2011

City Rink

city rink

It's getting cold in Tokyo.
How are you doing?

I went to Akasaka yesterday and walked by a skating rink that is set in Akasaka Sakasu, a theater, office, shops and restaurants complex. The rink for a limited time (2011/11/18~2012/2/19) is sponsored by Tokyota.

A city rink in imitation of Rockefeller Center appeared in the late 90s, and now it’s been a staple of Tokyo (ss far as I know). There are several of them this year. When I worked from nine to five, I went skating on one of them every winter.

I wanted to skate yesterday, but I didn’t because there were only 20 minutes before closing. I found skating classes (one-day or 4 weeks in a row) are available at the rink, so I’ll be back there and take one-day lesson anytime soon!


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