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23 2011

Ridiculously Huge!

The smaller glass in the picture is a Large-size that is like a pint glass (450~470 ml).

I was really surprised when a waiter behind the bar counter picked up this big, tall glass. Then I understood why a Pakistani restaurant nearby didn’t list this size of draft beer formally on the menu.

Siddique Palace Azabu, where my sister and I sometimes have dinner, got several kinds of draft beers, and there are only small(600yen) and large sizes(800yen) for each on the menu. However, at the bottom of beer list, it says, “We also have Super Large-size” with very minute letters.

I always drink two Large-size drafts because the spicy food goes well with beer, so I had thought I’d try that size once. However, I never figured Super Large means that large!

The Pakistani waiter said they use this glass at a bar in their country, but I doubted it. To start with, I know it’s a predominantly Muslim country. Most of “them” never drink beer in public places.

Anyway, I followed his recommendation, stand up and sipped it from the laughable glass at the beginning, but then I poured it into a reasonable sized glass, so the glass served just as a pitcher of beer.

The amount of beer in the glass was less than 1 liter, so I could drink all.

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