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05 2011

The Trusting Relationship beyond Species

This post focuses on the videos of a cat and a boy that I found during late-night YouTube surfing the other day. For me, they were very impressive because I faced experiences similar to the boy in my early childhood.

I hope people only who are interested in the video and my story would read the rest of the post.

I adequately explain about them in the videos to you.
The boy named Ryouga was born in June 2006. He is growing with the cat named Mao (♂) that was born in December 2004. They understand each other as brothers. The mother whose handle is maonooya took them and posted a lot of videos on YouTube.

1st one: The big brother Mao shares a bed with Ryouga when he was a baby. (It’s enough to watch it for 30 seconds or so.)

Including this, the videos maonooya upped show Mao is incredibly smart cat with infinite patience. In the videos, Mao always considers the baby, and the boy placs confidence in it.

2nd one: Ryouga and Mao watching bards in TV when he was a toddler. (I do want you to watch the whole thing.)

Well, what can I say for sure is that they have the trusting relationship beyond species.

When I was born, my family had a black female cat named Chiko. I don’t remember the cat because she died before I reached the age of 5. However, my mother often told me about those days. Chiko offered to baby-sit for me, too. She always shared a bed with me on the second floor, and she went get my mother on downstairs when I got fussy and started to cry. She was just like Mao who patiently played with me.

3rd one: It’s the icing on the cake. The family adopted a kitty this summer, and Ryouga becomes a big brother. In the end of video, he says, “Mao said to me who’s that cat?”

I wonder if I could communicate with Chiko as they do.

living with cats

For me, living with cats is only natural.

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