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16 2011

Morte a Venezia

Morte a Venezia

Though I see a movie once in a while now, I used to spend a lot of time watching movies, especially in my early 20's. I watched must-see old films through video and DVD and often went to a theater, too.

Of course I watched this masterpiece, Death in Venice, directed by Luchino Visconti before.

In the film, a German composer, Aschenbach, played by Dirk Bogarde, visits Venice for health reasons. He gets lost in the stunning beauty of an adolescent Polish boy named Tadzio, played by Björn Andrésen, who is staying with his family at the same Grand Hôtel des Bains on the Lido as him.

The elements of it impressed me even through my small CRT-based television: the beautiful images of Venice, the spectacular portraits of the miraculous boy, the picturesque beauty of costumes and resort styles of guests, and so on. Seeking those images, I visited Lido when I traveled to Venice.

I was thinking I’d like to see it again at a theater if given the opportunity, and I finally had that chance the other day. I knew it’s now screening by coincidence and rushed over to Ginza Theatres Cinema.

Seeing the same movie after an extended period of time, it made different impressions.

Now I can understand the death is a blissful moment for Aschenbac while I formerly thought it was simply miserable. Personally, I didn’t feel sympathy for the composer profiled in it, in the past and this time too. Indeed, there are only a handful of genius and humans endowed with perfect beauty. So, it should be one of life themes for us, regular people, to accept one’s ordinariness and dullness and to learn how deal with those beyond one's reach. In that sense, the German is miserably obtuse. However, the more obtuse you are, the more likely it is you experience a sweet torment.

Oh, one more thing. The genius and beauty may be not necessarily eternal. The beauty of Tadzio, which has been my prototype of a beautiful boy with the blond hair, must disappear in an instant. The actor, Andrésen, was 15 years old at that time. Maybe his face became a little craggy a year from that, and that was accompanied by loss of the perfect beauty. What a brief dream.

Then what is happening with him at the moment? I googled him and easily found his recent photos (I found out for the first time, the young actor was highly valued as a teenage idle in Japan). Of course, there is nothing left of Tadzio, but Andrésen in mid-fifties is reasonably cool.

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