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13 2011

Aroyana Tabeta, Yurakucho branch

Aroyana Tabeta1

It was a mysterious Thai restaurant for me for a long time. I recognized the restaurant under the elevating structure of railroad in Yurakucho five or six years ago. Its atmosphere struck me; I felt like as if I was in the street of somewhere in Thailand. All members of the staff were young and old Thais. A sing said the head restaurant was in Phuket. The mystery thickened.

Aroyana Tabeta2

I wanted to walk into it at that time, but I couldn’t because I was not sure if it would be a right choice or not to eat at the restaurant with the common touch (I mean, it was a kind of greasy spoon).

I often go to Yurakucho in the daytime lately, so I had lunch at it twice. I had Stir-fried egg and shrimp last week. It was tasty, but I got a stomach upset. It was real Thai cooking using a lot of oil and garlic. Then, I had a least-contested set meal this week. Except drinks and some special menus, most of dishes’ price is 630yen all day.

Aroyana Tabeta3 Aroyana Tabeta4
Left: Stir-fried egg and shrimp Right: D set
左:卵と海老のカレー炒 右:D定食

The owner of Aroyana Tabeta is a Japanese men who also runs a Monjayaki restaurant chain, a travel agency, a language school, and so on. He lived or lives in Phuket and opened Thai restaurant in Phuket and Tokyo. He seems to be a maverick figure.
Monjyayaki (or monja for short) is a kind of pan-fried batter mixed with seafood or meat and finely chopped ingredients such as cabbage or corn.

The restaurant serves local Thai dishes, not only stereotype meals for foreign people. From customers' reactions, hot dishes seem to be mercilessly hot. Be careful, when you order.

Aroyana Tabeta5
This is just an aside.
I made Thai (style) meals with a relatively small amount of oil and garlic for dinner tonight.

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