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08 2011

Playing with 3D Camcorder

This is the HDR-TD10, the Sony’s first 3D camcorder that went on sale from last April in Japan.
今年4月に日本で発売されたソニー初のフルハイビジョン対応3Dデジタルビデオカメラ HDR-TD10

I’m thinking about whether or not I buy a 3D camcorder for my research. Three companies (Sony, Panasonic and JVC) have released the equipments for a general user, and each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

I need one with wide-angle lens that has low f-number. From that point of view, while Sony’s one has the widest lens, JVC’s lens has the lowest f-number. However, the difference in f-numbers is small, so HDR-TD10 is a prime candidate so far. However, JVC’s GS-TD1 is superior in terms of the post-production process because that an easy-to-use video-editing program is available and that it has high degree of compatibility with peripheral devices.

I’m good at using equipments intuitively, but unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about camcorders, so please look up the details on your own if you are interested in a 3D camcorder.

Now, I’m trying out HDR-TD10 using a lending service of Sony’s camcorders and enjoying taping this and that around me.

Well, it’s very simple to operate, but there are troubles in editorial operation (that's to be expected). I learned an unfamiliar advanced video-editing program, which is only one for the equipment, the hard way for quite simple editing, but I couldn’t export 3D video file that HDR-TD10, which is the only equipment I can watch 3D video, can play back.

The person who’s not interested in the high-tech video equipments in their daily life and still watching the CRT-based television (of course, it’s me) draws a strong retort from the inadequate knowledge of advanced type of videos.

Which one I should buy?
Will I become skilled in the use of it?
Do I really need 3D camcorder in the first place?

I’m filled with thought of those.

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