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28 2010

Made in Tokyo - The Ultimate Level of Luxury


This shawl is a piece of work rather than just a textile product.

A creator of the shawl is Mariko Takesaki (竹崎万梨子). She has been working for many years as a product coordinator in the high-fashion industry. For several years, her work has centered on the creative activity.

All items are manually produced.
Takesaki washes and dyes raw wool imported from England, then spins a yarn and weaves shawls in her home and studio in central Tokyo. Her pieces of work are absolutely great in both taste and quality.

You are lucky if you see something you like and can get that item when she is holding a private exhibition. Otherwise you will have to order and have a long waiting time (2-3 months or more) for your order to arrive.

However, I think it is a worthwhile option to order an item because the creator with a distinctive fashion sense makes only one item in the world for you. I actually ordered a shawl, and I am quite pleased with that.



The photos by Mariko Takesaki
Official HP “A Crown of Woolen (糸の王冠)”


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