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20 2011

A Falling Object

Due to a board in the picture below, I ended up talking with the police and doing research at the District Legal Affairs Bureau this morning.

Falling Object1
The building on the left is the neighbor’s house, and the one on the right is ours.

Here are the facts. The board was a part of a fence that is set on the rooftop of the now-empty house. Last night, that thick and long object fell to the ground between that house and my house. During its fall, it hit and ripped a net window of a tenant living in the upstairs (we’re renting rooms on the upper floors). The tenant with poor recognitional capacity noticed the tear in the morning, jumped to conclusions that someone was trying to break in, and called the police.

I attended the inspection first thing in the morning. While I was listening an appeal of the tenant who mistakenly defined that as an intruder, I thought back on the late-night noise and situation. My bedroom is behind the wall in the picture. Naturally, I did hear it, but I didn’t go to check what happened because I didn’t sense someone in the interspace of the houses and, anyway, it was too dark to see anything. I thought I would go look at that this morning.

I excused oneself from the inspection, went to check the object, and came to the conclusions as explained earlier. Then, I showed the object, which was the same material as the fence, to a policeman and asked him to leave with courtesy.

The problem was that neighbors including me didn’t know who owned that house and where he or she was. We had to ask the owner to reinforce the fence and avoid further fall, so I headed to the District Legal Affairs Bureau, found out that a company owned the house, and got in touch with the company.

Falling Object2 Falling Object3
The bureau is very close to my house.

I immediately received a phone call from a property company that is charged with the sale of the house. The caller, a person in charge, will handle the reinforcement work and replacement of the screen.

The case is almost closed.

In this case, I’m not sure if the owner avoided contacting neighbors.
That house was build only years ago. The owner family came in and, shortly after, disappeared without making relations with neighbors.

In Azabu, it’s not unusual that people get rich, buy a house, run out of money, and leave the house sooner than they expected.

I’m not sure if it’s that case.



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