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03 2011

Start of the R Months


Oysters made in Akkeshi are one of my favorites. Akkeshi is a town located in the southeastern part of Hokkaido and famous for its oyster fishery.

I had oysters form Akkeshi in Sapporo the other day at a restaurant named Dai-Akkeshi where we can have seafood direct from the town.
その牡蠣を先日札幌に行ったときに食べてきました。すすきのの狸小路にある「貝鮮炭焼 大厚岸」という、産地直送の厚岸産牡蠣をリーゾナブルに楽しめるお店です。

The restaurant is too casual, but I think it’s nice to stop at it for a moment and toss few oysters into one's mouth.

In Akkeshi, the sea temperature is relatively low all year-round, so we can enjoy the low oyster whenever you want. However, it was still too early for the season, and they were thin and had a harsh taste. I have to wait until the sea temperature drops.

I get depressed thinking about oysters this year.
The Sanriku coast of the Tohoku region that should not be forgotten in talking about Japanese oysters was badly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Of course, oyster farms in Sanriku suffered catastrophic damage, so it’s hard to eat ones from there for years.

The most saddening thing is that I have no idea when I can have Hamaichi- Creamy Pearl Oyster. Hamaichi is a town in Higashi Matsushima City near Sendai. I had the oysters form the town at oyster bar, “Season”, in Roppongi last year for the first time, and really loved them. So, I conducted a Web search on the oyster and found Mr. Yoshima Kano was the leader of processors in Hamaich.

After the Earthquake, I was concerned about him and checked in lists of refugees.
I found his name on one of list. He was OK.

I do hope Mr. Kano and his company will re-establish the oyster farming.

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