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03 2011

Burning Boston

I returned to Japan last Saturday and was busy every day doing this and that since then. Finally, I’m ready to update my blog.


Even though I heard that summer in Boston, the first stop, is hot and sticky, according to statistics, monthly mean maximum temperature in July is 28 °C (82 °F). So, getting out of the hellish climate of Japan, I expected a better one than that.

However, during my stay, Boston got caught in a triple-digit heat wave. Day after arrival, I understood why a captain of a domestic flight said, “Boston is nicely hot”, which I thought it was loaded language, on landing.

Because I paid for all my own expenses in the travel, I stayed at a dormitory-style discount hotel without an air conditioner and exhausted myself due to the heat.


Boston3 Boston4

Except for the problem of an air conditioner, the hotel was nice. The staff members are very friendly and kind. It was in one of the best neighborhoods in the heart of the town (location, location, location). Amazingly, the hotel room rate was $55 including breakfast! It was exceptionally low price in this most expensive city in the world.

Boston is called "America's Walking City". But, I’ve never enjoyed walking: the first time because of my friend who ran me about the town and because of the heat wave this time.

Most of the handful walks were trips to restaurants.


Boston6 Boston7

I find a delight in eating Chinese in China town in every city. I went there twice, and I liked the Gourmet Dumpling House in the photo. This casual restaurant provided a very delicious American-Chinese taste, which also meets Japanese taste. The other one was OK. I felt the small China town in Boston is untouristy and has a laid-back atmosphere.

The sushi restaurant where I had lunch.
It used brown rice with vinegar for all meals. I realized sushi is no longer ours, but it has been a world cuisine.


Boston10 Boston11

My colleagues and I had dinner at a dessert café & restaurant, Finale. It was like Starbucks during daytime, but it became a chic restaurant at dinnertime. Except the entrée, the pizza and salad were also sweet (sweet balsamic sauce was used), but they were interestingly tasty. We were so full after eating the meals and skipped the dessert.

I do want to visit the town again during spring or autumn next time.

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