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24 2010

Adieu, Kabuki-Za Theater


Kabuki-Za Theater in Ginza will be closed next month for the theater’s site redevelopment. The present building was originally built in 1924, and then it was destroyed as the result of an air raid on Tokyo by US in May 1945 and restored in 1950.

I see Kabuki dramas once or twice a year in a Makumi seat on the 4th floor most of the time. “Makumi (幕見: single show viewing)” is convenient for people who have no time to see the whole program consisting of three or four separate shows, and it’s unique system to Kabuki-Za Theater. I just go there and buy a ticket at the door when I feel up to it.

Now I’m the only one who regularly (though not frequently) sees Kabuki among my immediate relatives. Few years ago one of my aunts told me that my grandma used to see it in a Makumi seat without telling family when she went shopping alone in Ginza. I lost her when I was thirteen.

I’ve been happy to realize that my grandma enjoyed Kabuki at the same Makumi seats since I heard that.

According to a Kabuki-za company's press release the present building will be demolished and rebuilt into a new 29-story building consisting of the theater on lower floors, which will open in the spring of 2013.

I guess I'll miss not only the building but also my grandma again.

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