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14 2011

Slapstick Comedy

I was in an electronics retail store in Yurakucho (有楽町, a neighborhood of Chiyoda, Tokyo, situated in between the Ginza and Hibiya Park) last Wednesday to buy a TV with my sister and cousin.

While we were waiting a sales assistant who handled paperwork, I remove a SD card from my camera and put it into my camera, LX3, for some reasons. At that moment, my sister noticed that a tiny piece of plastic fell on the floor. Most likely the piece was from the SD card. So I tried to remove it again for confirmation but couldn’t do it because something caught the card.

I was too scared to pull it with brute force, so after we paid the bill, I took my precious camera to a repair section of the store. I was glad to be the store that was originally a camera shop. However, a staff at the repair section said he couldn’t simply remove the card because that might scratch inside of it and suggested me to send the whole unit in for repair. Well, it coasted 8,400yen (about $100) at the minimum, but it was less of a problem, with the cost, but with how long repairs would take it was important consideration. I’m going to go to the states from next Wednesday ant want to bring it. The staff said that the repair would take more than ten days. Oh, No….

I asked him if there was a way I could resolve the problem as quickly as possible, and he told me about a repair station of Panasonic into which Lumix (Panasonic's digital camera) and Let's note (Panasonic's note PC) users could bring the camera. The repair station was in Akihabara, so I headed off to it.

In the end, a person of the repair station pulled the card with brute force. That was it. My camera was OK. The parson didn’t charge for that.

I thought the servicemen were like a God for me.

The repair station takes care a problem immediately!

I got all panicky about nothing.
However, I realized one important thing. I’d better buy a product I want to use for a long time from a company providing good after-sale service. It is comforting to know I can go to the station anytime if I get into a trouble with LX3.

Thanks, Panasonic.

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