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12 2011

A Criterion of Selecting a Restaurant

There are local restaurants I do not go to on my own. They serve good dishes worth paying. Some have been the talk of mass media, but I don’t want to go to.

Personally, I care about morals of restaurant, which is sometimes more important than a taste and price of dishes, interior decorating, and attitude toward customers.

The first example is a Korean restaurant I avoided visiting because successive shops that took occupancy at the stand-alone house, which was now converted to the restaurant, were a little bit suspicious and shady. However, I tried it once due to an acquaintance of mine who often went to and talked up it.

Criterion of Selecting a Restaurant1

Well, dishes were nice though they were too pricey for that casual and nameless restaurant. What I couldn’t approve of was that the staff did not recording a sale even though there was a handsome electronic cash register. I suspected that the staff would pocket money or that owner would underreport sales. In each case, it’s not a good feeling, and I do not want to contribute to the sales. (It might be an overreaction because of the old bad impression.)

The second one is a retro-flavored Izakaya (居酒屋, a Japanese style pub) that is repeatedly introduced in magazines. When it opened, I sometime go to it, but now I do not choose it as the drinking destination.

Criterion of Selecting a Restaurant2

The problem is that the pub dirties the sidewalks in front of the pub. After a while of the opening, I noticed the smear of oil on the sidewalks where its kitchen door stands, and I suspected the kitchen staff put dirty water on the street. My impression was that a stranger came to a town one day, opened the fashionable Izakaya owing to the town’s atmosphere and dirtied that town. I think the details show the shop.

If you visited these restaurants from other cities, you wouldn’t realize the problems, but if you’re living in the same town, you can't avoid seeing qualities of owners and staff of restaurants.

How do you choose a restaurant?

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