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07 2011

Fashionable Dispensing Pharmacy


This LOHAS-style dispensing pharmacy named Liko opened few years ago in Azabu-juban (麻布十番, a nearby shopping street in Minato-ku, Tokyo).

It’s really unusual and conspicuous compared to other dispensing pharmacies with a plain interior sounding like a part of hospitals. Other than prescription only medicine, the pharmacy sells essential oils, organic beauty products, organic clothing, slow goods, and so on and has a café. When I first walked past it, I thought naturally it was an organic goods' store.

DispensingPharmacy2 DispensingPharmacy3

I didn’t use it because I felt it was somewhat dubious as a pharmacy due to its business category: why the organic believer sells medicinal chemicals?
In addition, the staff say “welcome to Liko” when a customer go into the shop. Isn’t it strange?

I found out later it was a sister shop of a trustworthy dispensing pharmacy nearby, so I used it once the other day. Well, setting aside the question of LOHAS theme, it was quite nice, and I visited it today.

The staff is friendly and kind. It isn’t crowded relative to the other one, so I can receive medicine earlier.

It would be my family pharmacy.

In Japan, general drug stores selling nonprescription drugs and dispensing pharmacies selling prescription only medicine are segregated over the ages. While we could easily find the former on a street corner, before, the latter was mainly located near hospital. Japanese doctors now switch from writing an in-hospital prescription to writing one with which patients can get medicine at any dispensing pharmacy, so new shops, including this unusual one, opened throughout the town these years.

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