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03 2011

Higasa Boy

Higasa boy

I encountered a Higasa (日傘, a parasol) boy yesterday!

While many Japanese women, including me, use a parasol during the summer, there aren't many men like him. I had never seen any gentleman opening a parasol on the street, although a men’s parasol and its users has been the talk of mass media on and off for the last few years in Japan.

It’s somewhat cooler under a parasol. This summer, businessmen need to keep cool when outdoors. When they get back to one's office, it’s hot, too because many companies set the temperature of air conditioners higher due to energy saving. Also a parasol is useful for not only men who are careful of one's skin but also those who are allergic to UV rays, so it isn’t surprising that men want to put it up.

I hope many gentlemen can proudly open it without hesitation for defending oneself from the murderous sunlight.

I see Western women opening a parasol in Azabu now.
I want them to keep that custom after returning back to their countries, so that a parasol on the street becomes widespread. Then, if I use it in their countries, Westerners who are intolerant in it wouldn’t look at me weirdly and make me edgy any more.

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