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22 2010

Never Too Old to Learn


My sister performed at the violin recital the other day.
It’s her hobby. She’s taken lessons for 17 years. People who are learning to play violin form the same violinist (including her) appeared on the stage that day.

I go to this once-yearly recital every time. When she began her lessons, many children performed at it. It was a lot of fun to follow the development of little kids. However, over the last five or six years, two thirds of the participants are adults. Now I’m following them.

I feel the adult learners have commonalities: they love classical music and have an ideal how to perform the music. Their ideal might be their favorite violinist’s performance.

Some of the adults learned to play violin as a child, and others didn’t. In either case they can’t play it as they wish. The ideal seems a long way to go right now, but they’re steadily progressing! Housewives whose children grow older, office workers and retired businessmen happily play the violin in public.

I'll be rooting for them.

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