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26 2011

Cats Street


I hardly ever buy an item featuring a cat.
However, people sometimes give me cat items because they know I love cats and keep one.

The box of chocolate in the photo is one of those presents my friend picked up for me. Fortunately or unfortunately, when she thinks of Kinakinw, she imagines cats.

Even so, I liked it. Kawaii!Kawaii, a Japanese adjective, means adorable, cute or pretty.

Goncharoff, a confectionery company in Kobe, makes this chocolate named Cats Street. The company co-develops special chocolate for Valentine's Day with large department stores. This is one of the products with street cats theme. (The sales promotion of the Japanese confectionary industry was successful, and women giving chocolate to men has already become a Japanese custom on Valentine's Day.)

Each cat has a name. According to a little leaflet in the box, a cat on blue background is Jack who is gentle and nicey-nice boy. A cat on light pink background is Catherine who is the darling of the town and Jack’s girlfriend. I don't know a thing about the musical "Cats", but I know it’s a Cats-inspired story.

I got it more than three months ago, and it’s still in the fridge because it's too nice to eat. I know it wouldn’t taste better if I age it, though.

I think it's about time to eat Jack, Catherine, Charlie, Vivian, Brian, Bob and Kevin.

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