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12 2011


I saw the movie, “Ocean's Eleven”, last night.
No, not that one, but the original one.


The 1960 Oceans’s is directed by Lewis Milestone and starring members of Sinatra family: Frank Sinatra as Danny Ocean, Dean Martin as Sam Harmon, Sammy Davis, Jr. as Josh Howard, Peter Lawford as Jimmy Foster, and Joey Bishop as Mushy O'Connors. In the movie, the eleven boys, ex-World War II 82nd Airborne veterans, rob five different Las Vegas casinos on a single night.

I’m going to visit Las Vegas next month, and it was little preparation for one show I’ll see.

I went there twice and saw several shows. I did enjoy Cirque du Soleil, Criss Angel, and others, but somehow, I felt short on fun when I left the town.

Now, I clearly know why.
An image of Las Vegas I had in my childhood was nostalgic Vegas where Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Elvis performed. Yes, it’s dream Las Vegas of my parent's generation, but I want to relive the feeling of good old entertainments. I mean it’s like old style nightclub show where entertainers sing and dance on the stage with live band and people dress up and enjoy the stage with cocktails. The shows in big halls, like Celine Dion and Barry Manilow, are different from what I want in this case.

Unfortunately, most of the stars are above, so I despaired of ever reliving that entertainments with straightforward approach. But, I explored ongoing shows this time (In the past, I did everything in a haphazard way in Vegas), and after such a long time, I noticed there are Rat Pack tribute shows.

ocean's4 ocean's3

I’m going to see one of Rat Pack in Riviera, which re-enacts the performance of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Joey Bishop in the Copa Room of Sands.
いくつかあるシナトラ・ファミリーのショーのうち、リビエラでやっている“The Rat Pack Show”を観ようと思っています。これは、60年代にサンズのコパ・ルームでシナトラ、ディーン・マーチン、サミー・デービスJr.達がやっていたショーを再現したものだそうです。

In the movie, Sands, Desert Inn, Sahara, Riviera, and The Flamingo are robbed. They were top hotels in Strip at the time.

As time past, Sands (1988 - 1996) were reborn as Venetian.
ocean's5 ocean's6

Desert Inn was purchased by Steve Wynn in 2000 and demolished. Wynn and Encore are in the location.
ocean's7 ocean's 9

Sahara shut its doors on May 16, 2011.

Riviera and Flamingo were rebuilt and expanded, and sill there.
ocean's 10 ocean's 11

Lastly, I give my little impressions of Ocean’s.
It’s enjoyable, of course, but the story slowly unfolds relative to the modern one, and many unneeded scenes makes it plodding. The casts in the modern one are uniformly handsome relative to the old one.


Anyway, both are entertainment films with an all-star cast. If so, I declare the original the winner. I prefer watching versatile entertainers performing lavishly rather than just watching good-looking guys. That's how I feel.

From the movie

Sammy Davis Jr - Ee O Eleven

Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head

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