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04 2011

Viva Akihabara!

I stopped by Akiba (an abbreviation for Akihabara) on my way home in order to get an usb to serial converter cable. Every time I go to Akiba, I hang around too long because I visit stores to shop around PC, PC-related goods and cameras. Today I almost bought an ultraslim mini laptop on impulse by a hair.

Akiba1 Akiba2

Akihabara is being redeveloped and reborn as a modern city, but I prefer sections that show signs of the post-World War II era. Typical places are Akihabara Radio Center and Tokyo Radio Department with a history of over 60 years. While the former is under the elevated shopping center, the latter is a multitenant building. There are many small electrical stores selling radio goods and electrical items. It’s always fun for me to have a look around shops that are crammed with unidentifiable parts and people who closely examine those parts.



I used to make frequent trips to Radio Center and Radio Department for electrical items. At one time, I conducted experiments for which original electrical devices were needed. I am electrically challenged, so I wisely thought there is no doing a soldering iron work. I decided to combine off-the-shelf items and make the devices having necessary functions.

Accurately, I went there to pick clerks brains about what I wanted to do and didn’t buy anything most of the time. I visited shops in the early afternoon on weekdays, selected a store, pretended to shop around for items, and asked questions: “I’m looking for items I use as … because I want to do …. Do you have any idea for ….”

Most clerks kindly consulted me for advice on my self-willed problem, but I couldn’t easily get detailed information with which I could act at once because I couldn’t fully understand what they said…. They soon learned I was a nontechie. One old storeowner said, after casting about for ideas, “If you want my further advice, study electronics and come back.” I really thank you for their troubles.

Akiba5 Akiba6

Did I make the devices in the end?
No. I gave up making them by myself as hopeless, and I found another way to do it with PC and developed a simple computer program instead of physical devices.

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