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26 2011

Right Place to Eat Indian Curry in Azabu-juban

Siddique Palace1

I can tell you the right place to eat Indian curry in my town.
It’s definitely Siddique Palace Azabu-juban branch, North Indian and Pakistani restaurant ran by Siddique Enterprises that has been operating more than 20 Indian restaurants in Tokyo.
それは、北インド・パキスタン料理 シディークパレス麻布十番店。都内に20店舗以上のレストランを展開する㈱シディークエンタープライズが運営するお店です。

The branch opened last November, and I finally visited it in this month with my sister.
Compared to other Siddipue branches, it’s gorgeous because its concept is palace. Belly Dance Show is held every weekday at dinnertime (no cover charge). Someone says CEO, Mr. Ramzan Siddique made this place for Pakistani embassy, so it has skillful cooks in its employs. If the rumor is true, it might be authentic Pakistani rather than North Indian.

Siddique Palace2 Siddique Palace3
Tables on the first floor 1階客席

Siddique Palace4 Siddique Palace5
The basement floor and the façade 地下客席とファサード

We had a set lunch menu with 2 kinds of curries, naan and rice, and all curries were just great! I’ve never been to other Siddique restaurants, so I don’t know if they are good or not. However, I really recommend the Azabu branch for delicious curry.

There is the other good Indian restaurant in Higashi-azabu, but it's a little long walk to it. So, I’m very glad that I can eat excellent curry at that place located within 5 minutes walking distance of my house now.

If you are in Azabu-juban and in the mood for Indian, don’t fail to be there! Although there are other Indian or Pakistani restaurants, but never think of going to.

During the following week, I had lunch at the Siddipue again, and I’m going to have dinner and try a la carte dishes next time.

Siddique Palace6
Lamb and vegetable curry

Siddique Palace7
Siddique Palace Azabu-juban
Open every day from 11am to 11pm


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