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10 2011

Yunokami Hot Spring Resort


My destination of the trip to Southern Aizu, Fukushima, was Yunokami hot spring resort situated in the mountains near the Okawa Gorge, a scenic area found close to the upper reaches of the Agano River. The hot spring was discovered in the 8th Century, but only residents had used it. The first hot-spring hotel was established around the beginning of the 20th century. Now, it’s a cozy and quiet resort spotted with over 20 small accommodations.

Yunokami-onsen2 Yunokami-onsen3

There isn’t so-called the hot springs resort area. I mean some of inns spread in the gorge, and the others are in the residential area on the west bank of the river.

I stayed at one of guesthouses in the residential area along Aizu railway line. This 7-chambered inn serves homemade meals using many kinds of local ingredients.

Yunokami-onsen4 Yunokami-onsen5

Yonokami is blessed with the abundant waters of the hot springs (simple alkaline hot spring), and all inns don’t have to circulate the water for their hot spring baths. The hot springs are jointly managed: all waters are collected and then distributed not only to inns but also to residents.

The water was crystal clear and smooth. I felt as if it’s bland and innocuous at first, but after soaking it for a while I could feel the scent. I liked it. I wish I could soak in its fresh hot spring.


I stopped by two hot spring resorts along the railway line to Yunokami on the way and the way back.

One was a hot spring bathhouse, Yuno Sato, right next to Yunishigawa-onsen Station, Tochigi, whose platform is inside a tunnel.

Yunishigawa2 Yunishigawa3
People take the elevator to the post-house.

The spring (simple alkaline hot spring) is located just behind the station, and the fresh hot spring water is poured directly into the tub. The bathhouse is new and clean, and the fare is just 500yen for adult. I like Yunishigawa hot spring, but it takes a while to reach there from the station. So, when we don’t have time, it’s nice to have a quick bath.

I was in the bathtub at 9:20 in the morning of my date of departure.

The other was a hot spring bathhouse, Yakushi-no-yu, in Kawaji hot spring resort in Nikko City, Tochigi.


Just to tell you, I did not secretly take this photo of the open-air mixed-sex spa in Yakushi-no-yu. The bathtub is situated beside the river where everyone on the other side can see it. I wanted to go there for a long time, but…. Fortunately, a new bathhouse using the water of Yakushi-no-yu (simple hot spring) opened in 2009 near the original tub.

Yakushi-no-yu3 Yakushi-no-yu2
There are single-gender baths, saunas and rest area.

The water was nice, but the condition of it wasn’t so because the bathhouse was crowded. I should go there in the morning next time.


I got a charge of energy in these hot spring resorts.

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