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01 2011

The Queen of the Season

World Ladies

Congratulations on your second world title, Miki! You deserve the queen of this season.
After 2007’s world title, Miki Ando got through the difficulties and finally won the gold medal again. This mature skater performed excellently well and captivated audiences throughout 2010-2011 season. I’m very glad to see her growth. According to rumor, she’ll take a year off next season, and I think that’ll be a good option for the future.

As for the silver medalist, I’ve regarded her as an untouchable political and ideological issue since 2008-2009 season, so I had never mention her in my blog. However, I’d like to make a few remarks about the skater from our neighboring country this time because her “one-man show” seems to end. On the other hand, the mercy-ruled game was sill going on at the World: no judge gave –GOE to her flopped 3S-1T and 1F in her FP, and unaccountably one judge gave +1GOE to the 1F. If she could just land one more planned jump, she would win.
I’m not sure if her performances deserved the second highest scores in total, but actually, she was, and still is, ONE of the top skaters who can constantly aim the podium. It’s a tragedy that she must be transcendent, perfect queen with an unrivaled ability, but she and her team decided to make that myth. If she wants to continue her career, she has to make some people give up the myth she made.

Carolina Kostner got out of the last season’s slump and won the bronze medal! Congratulations!
However, many Russian people might disagree with the result. Personally, I wanted Alena Leonova (delivered her best performances there and lost by the narrowest of 0.76 margins to Kostner) to get that place, too. I like her skating style. By the way, I was glad to see her respecter, Irina Slutskaya who was there and on the TV before and after Leonova’s performances. I liked Slutskaya and once had a haircut like her.

Is there something wrong with Mao physically? She lost muscles and is too skinny to skate powerful. Comin' in on a wing and a prayer. Well, all of us know she had such a long and hard season and she must be tired. I was happy just to watch you at the World this time. Get rest. I’m looking forward to her performances in the next season.

Last of all, I accuse Shin Amano, Technical Specialist in Ladies’ SP and FP, of lacking in qualification as a figure skating judge. He seems to be unable to discern “under rotation” form “downgraded” or intentionally score particular skaters on an entirely different basis.

< indicates that a jump had more than a ¼ turn completed on the ice, which reduces the base value to 70% of its original value. << indicates a severe underrotation (½ turn or more), and the jump is valued as if it had one less rotation.
< 回転が1/2不足まではいかないけれど、1/4以上不足しているので基礎点を30%引く
<< 回転が1/2以上不足しているので、1つ回転が少ないジャンプとみなす

Each element is judged first by a technical specialist who identifies the specific element. The technical specialist uses instant replay video to verify things that distinguish different elements.

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