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29 2011

Phantom of the MegaSport Arena

Men World1

The final group of men’s FP at World Championships made me exhausted with mingled feelings due to the unexpected thing that led to frustration and confusion.

The only predictable thing was Patrick Chan, the top skater at the forth group, did well and was given the galactic score of 280.98 points in total by the ISU judges. I think his performances deserved the gold in this competition, but this inflated score was criminal. He said he wanted to get 300 points, which was damper. If ISU wants someone to win by that big margin, just give the one gold when registering. Thus, he or she even doesn’t need to perform because “the judges know he can do it” as the certain someone said.

The second skater, Nobunari Oda who had been second after the short program, couldn’t count his jumps again and sunk in the 6th place. Here we go again! I was bummed. If he could count, he would be the bronze medallist. He repeatedly goes against "Zayak Rule” stating that a competitor may not repeat a triple jump more than twice. He can never stand on the podium in World if he goes on this way though he has a gift for skating.

Next, Artur Gachinski, a young Russian skater with great potential, performed energetically and got high scores. Good for him, coach Alexei Mishin and the host country. He became the bonze medalist as a result of odd happenings.

The forth one, Daisuke Takahashi, had boot problems in which a blade came off from the boot and stopped his performance right after he missed his first quad jump. Tell me that’s not true! When he went to the judges to explain the accident, I remembered Oda in Vancouver, which was a recurrence of nightmare. He could restarted but couldn’t try the quad again, and the problems held down whole his performance and made him in 5th place. This accident seemed to have convinced him to pursuit his career until Sochi. It was a bit happy and a bit sad.

Men World2
When Daisuke repaired the boot, Ottavio Cinquanta, President of the International Skating Union, snidely made a gesture of tightening a bolt. I won't take it!

In the middle of a bizarre atmosphere, nest skater, our Takahiko Kozuka, appeared and delivered a perfect and impressive performance. Just before the end of the program, the stadium was filled with a surge of enthusiasm and frenzy. I was excited in front of the TV, too. No matter how the judges said, his FP was the best performance in the competition. Congratulations on the silver medal!

Then, the last performer was Florent Amodio. He used the music with vocals! I thought what happened. After the performance, he said that he intentionally used the music for exhibition and that it was a little present for all Japanese people. Pardon me? I can tell you no Japanese wanted it. It's not that I dislike him, but I cannot enjoy this season’s his FP Morozov made because he stops, stands up on the ice and just dances so many times during the performance. When he delivers it well, that glamorize it, but when he cannot, that would be a bit. Unfortunately, his FP was in the latter case.

Anyway, I do hope there won’t be any negative surprise in the women’s SP and FP.

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