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24 2011

What Do You Base Your Decision on?

Geiger counter1
Geiger counter advertising in a free paper
A Geiger counter is used to detect radiation.

I opened up Metroguide, a monthly free paper, which is distributed in the subway station, in a subway and encountered the dubious advertising. I scoured the site on which information of the operator was unspecified and found the pictured below. The item looks cheaper than that in the paper.

Geiger counter2

I couldn’t find how much did it cost before 3.11 because all information about it seemed to be posted online after that. Anyway, I do not feel like paying more than $20 (it do cost about $550) to get the shoddy good. I think I don’t need to say where the good comes from.

A blogger who lives within a 20-to-30-kilometer radius of Fukushima first nuclear power plant measure radiation dose in his room and garden everyday by two different Geiger counters. It’s understandable that he wants to know it in imminent environment.

However, some people who live in the Tokyo area buy one, even if they are not in a critical danger of radiation. A typical discourse showing the buyer awareness is that “I don’t trust announcements by Government and Tokyo Electric, so I monitor amount of radiation”. If you want to monitor it due to the distrustfulness, it’s not a bad idea. But, if you want to get meaningful data, you need to study about Geiger counters in general, the particular equipment you use, the way to use it, measurement reliability, and so on.

Even worse are city persons who have the distrustfulness that “media insist the public has”, judge something irrationally based on junk information and unnecessarily foment disorder.

Few weeks ago a female acquaintance said, “I heard the story about the nuclear accident. A well-informed insider said the satiation is far more bad and serious. It’s might be dangerous to stay in Tokyo.” So, I asked her following questions in a moment: who was the insider, what background knowledge about the plant and nuclear power engineering that person had, tell someone what's going on, and what was a reason to believe that story. Needless to say, she couldn’t answer.

I think it’s fairly obvious that only those who have casually retailed ramous haven’t acquired and analyzed of the information or checked even measuring result of environmental dose in Tokyo. (Maybe she didn’t trust any institution, though.)

If you do not trust Government and Tokyo Electric and are nervous about it, you can escape from Tokyo and go to wherever you want. No one can force you to stay here.

As You Like It


Unfortunately, each person needs to have a fear of radiation risk accurately and rationally: do research and study personally, decide on reasonable grounds, examine validity of evidence, and suspend judgment for a while if you cannot be sure.

I never figured this would happen, but that attitude is fundamental for judge something.

Helpful Sites to Scare Accurately and Rationally

radmonitor311 and its English version
A summery page of radiation monitoring data and graphs related to the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima run by researchers of radiation metrology

日本核医学会からの一般向けアナウンス(only in Japanese)

If you cannot trust that information, do as you like!


I often check the information from multiple institutions, and I do have a normal life in Tokyo.

After last month's welter of information, the things looks calm down in Tokyo, and I wonder if now people who got hysterical at that time monitor the situation of the accident and the radiation effect in a serious manner.

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