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10 2011

Vegetable House


It was sunny and warm during the day, and I strolled and lunched at a restaurant in Azabu-juban.

I visited “Yasai-ya Mei (literally means vegetable house Mei)” run by Eat Walk Corporation, a restaurant-chain led by chef Akira Watanabe.

vegetable house1 vegetable house2

Yasai-ya Mei, the Azabu-juban branch opened last November, is a Japanese restaurant serving vegetable dishes that use organic ones from contract farmers. In his other restaurants, the organic vegee is a main selling point.

I usually do not go to this kind of snobbish organic restaurants, especially in Japan. Though I’m an incomparable vegetable lover, I just regale myself with regular vegetables nameless farmers produced with effort. I’m quite happy with that.

However, I couldn’t ignore one dish, which is also served during lunchtime.

Here it is. “Daikon Katsu (deep-fried Japanese radish)”Katsu means deep-fried meat (pork, beef or chicken), and deep-fried radish is unusual.

vegetable house3
Cheese and ham are sandwiched between stewed radish, and it tasted surprisingly rich.

It tasted good, but I had heartburn, maybe because of the fried oil.

The dinner menu seems ordinary: it looks like an excerpt of vegetable dishes from izakaya menu. I don’t know if I have dinner there from my own motive, but I can lunch. Miso soup was excellent, and the staff was kind and friendly. There are 5 set meals at lunchtime, so I can order something other than that deep-fried dish.

Anyway, during the lunch, I was just wondering what kind of food organic enthusiasts are eating now. They may not buy vegetables from North Kanto and Fukushima.


my sakura

My sakura comes into bloom!

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