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04 2011

Nice to Meet You!

Oshiro natto

It's a recent little pleasure to find unfamiliar natto at supermarket shelves.
Natto is a traditional Japanese fermented food made from soybeans, and it’s one of food items that are thinly distributed after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

One reason of the shortage of supply is that the earthquake damaged many natto manufacturers’ plants. In Japan natto is popular in the eastern regions, and most of the manufacturers are in Kanto and Tohoku areas. In addition, major packaging material makers in Tohoku were affected, too.

The other is that urban residents buy up it because it's said that natto can rid the body of toxic substances including radioactive materials.

It’s still thinly distributed, but more recently, when I go to a supermarket during daytime hours I can find some packs of natto I have never seen before. I got Oshiro natto, in the opening photo, made by a manufacture in Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. The other day I saw ones made in Hokkaido (the northernmost island) and Kansai (Shiga and Kyoto Prefectures where natto isn’t popular).
They are new to me.

I appreciate that all manufactures increase the production for people in Kanto and Tohoku and that retail distributors put their efforts into purchasing stocks of natto.

I’ll enjoy a variety of natto until the plants in Kanto and Tohoku are going to be restored.


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