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01 2011

Buy Fukushima's Products!

I made a side trip on the way home from the sports center where I dropped the aid supplies for Iwaki City, and I got some Fukushima’s products at a shop in Yaesu near Tokyo Station. The shop called Fukushima-ken Yaesu Kankoukouryuu-kan (Fukushima's Products Shop) is one of pilot shops in Tokyo run by Foundation for Fukushima Tourism Exchange Association.

Fukushima shop2 Fukushima shop3

I read the news, on a news site, that more people visit Fukushima’s pilot shops and purchase goods to express their support for Fukushima. Whydidn't I think of that?
As you know, their products are hit hard by harmful rumors. The sad thing is that some people believe before thinking the products are contaminated with radiation by just the name of Fukushima.
But, I go ahead and buy them.

Products of tsunami-stricken areas are unavailable because most of factories were destroyed. Now the shop mainly contains those from Aizu, an area comprising the westernmost third of Fukushima Prefecture. Landlocked Aizu got relatively little damage by the earthquake and is 100 kilometers away from Fukushima first nuclear power plant.

Fukushima shop5

Fukushima shop1
I got local sake of Aizu and some nibblies.

As a matter of fact, I’m planning to go to a hot spring resort in the southern part of Aizu in late April when sprig will come to the area and cherry blossoms be in bloom. I'm glad I can enjoy the local sake little earlier.

Environmental Radiation Measurement Result (μSv/h) 9:00, 3.31,2011
3月31日の環境放射線量 (マイクロシーベルト/時)

Aizuwakamatsu City (the principal city of the area) 会津若松市
0.24 by City’s HP
Tokyo 東京
0.101 by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s HP

Rome, Italy ローマ

These data shows “the reality” at present.
I'm so sorry for people who fled to Rome from Tokyo.

Fukushima shop4
Fukushima's Products Shop福島県八重洲観光交流館
Open everyday, except New Year holidays
TEL.03-3275-0855 FAX.03-3275-0856
2-6-21 Yaesu Chuo-ku, Tokyo
東京都中央区八重洲2-6-21三徳八重洲ビル 1F

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